Eddie O’Connell

As a highly competent Culture & Communications Specialist Eddie has worked with Senior International Managers on a one to one and group basis helping them integrate with various Business Cultures.

Eddie has led a global roll out of a retail excellence programs to over 45 countries for the world’s leading travel retailer. He has also developed a global associate network of over 80 associates.

Relevant Qualifications:

  • Chartered Management Institute Certified Facilitator
  • Accredited Insights Discovery Practitioner
  • Licensed Facilitator of Thomas International Emotional Quotient Inventory
  • Licensed Facilitator of Thomas International 360
  • Firo Element B, F, S Practitioner

Clients include:

  • Toyota Motors.
  • Roche
  • Boston Scientific
  • Nestle
  • Yamaha
  • Facebook
Eddie O’Connell